ANOSAN® Disinfection Solutions

A New Generation Disinfectant:
Bactericide, Fungicide, Virucide, Sporicide & Odor Neutralising

What is ANOSAN®?

ANOSAN® is an activated salt solution produced from brine and drinking water by special machines using a process called IMEALIT® (interactive-membrane-electrochemical- activation- low-ion-transfer).

ANOSAN® shows a high redox potential and is a very powerful disinfectant effective against all kinds of harmful microorganisms as it destroys cell membranes of microorganisms by oxidation. ANOSAN® is safe for people, animals and the environment – due to its similar polarity it does not attack endogenous cells (body cells). Its usage therefore complies with all ethical standards.

During the application of the disinfectant solution, the product disintegrates into the initial process material that is used in the manufacturing process: a normal saline solution. A perfect cycle that functions and is safe for humas, animals and the environment.

Promoting the highest standard in environmental care, ANOSAN® is a no-rinse, multi-surface general disinfectant & deodorizer that is pH neutral, non-toxic & environmentally superior to alternative toxic chemicals.

The effectiveness against a multitude of germs and pathogens has been tested and certified for several different use cases in multiple independent, official laboratories and field tests. By cooperation with external laboratories, we ensure the effectiveness of our products and certify their impact.

Reduction of bacteria > 99.995%
Reduction of fungi > 99.99%
Reduction of viruses > 99.99%
Reduction of spores > 99.99%

Our industrial products are applicable for a wide range of use cases from water treatment, over medical hygiene, to food processing. You will find more information about the tailored ANOSAN® product solutions here

The IMEALIT®–Technology

ANOSAN® combines environmental safety with high-grade efficacy through German innovation in our patented IMEALIT® (interactive-membrane-electrochemical-activation- low-ion-transfer) process.

The basis for our disinfectant solution is a saline solution, which is produced out of water with 0° dH and pure evaporated salt as well as electrical direct current. Specially developed electrolysis cells, which are only used in ecabiotec® systems, are applied for manufacturing our products. The surface of the pure titanium anode functions as a catalyst. It consists of a mixture of metal oxides, which is applied by using a multi-coating process and annealed layer by layer. The membrane is fabricated to ecabiotec® specifications and made out of ceramic, which is waterproof and simultaneously permeable to ions. The computer operated IMEALIT® manufacturing process guarantees a high and consistent quality of the products. Our products are characterized by a high oxidation ability, pH neutrality and long shelf life. In contrast, market standard electrochemical activation processes have a lower oxidation ability, are often strongly acidic and/or not very durable.