Private homes

Whether a single-family house or an apartment building (whether owned or rented). A house must be cleaned regularly. With ANOSAN eco® you destroy almost all bacteria and your house is quickly freed of odours again. Living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and hallway: Clean and odourless. ANOSAN eco® is easy and safe to nebulise. The user does not need any special protective clothing during fogging and can theoretically remain in the house or room during fogging. ANOSAN eco® is just as suitable for luxury houses as for renovated / restored old houses. Bacteria, viruses and also pollen, which make life difficult for allergy sufferers, are found on surfaces, carpets and beds as well as ceramics. With ANOSAN eco® you eliminate 99.995% of bacteria. Test ANOSAN eco® in your home. As an allergy sufferer, you will be thrilled that almost all pollen is oxidatively destroyed by 30 minutes of nebulization without the use of toxic substances.


ANOSAN® eliminates bad odours and works on all organic decomposition odours such as garbage, sanitary facilities – urine & excrement, drains, and cigarette smoke. ANOSAN eco® destroys odor molecules through oxidation and quickly and effectively eliminates odors of all kinds. With our portable device ANOSAN eco® is atomized to fine droplets (0.05 – 0.10 mm diameter) and ejected. This also cleans inaccessible areas at work (office, toilets, study, meeting room). Since the finest droplets sink to the ground only very slowly, germs and spores are also reached in the air and the volatile metabolic products of the moulds and pollen are oxidatively destroyed.