Industrial sites

Odor neutralization

During the production process of many commodities bad smells can develop and reduce the efficiency of the workforce involved in the process. Also, guests that want to visit the site are often repelled by the bad odor and it therefore may harm business opportunities. Scent solutions often times only cover up the smell and do not go after the source of the odor. With ANOSAN eco® the chemical components of the odor producing elements are broken up and the smell completely removed. This happens without any risk to the workforce who can stay inside the nebulized room.

Machine disinfection

For indistries in which a bateria/virus free production of products is necessary, a periodical rinsing of all means of production needs to be carried out. To rinse production machines, processors use about 30 liters of water per minute. Following a mixture of water and chemicals is applied, and then, after allowing time for the products to act, the machines are rinsed again. Often then comes the disinfection phase and a third rinse. This traditional method of cleaning and disinfection is still used by many companies. It nevertheless requires use of chemicals and a considerable amount of water. Producers are therefore looking increasingly for alternatives as ANOSAN®.

Personal hygiene in laboratories

Workforce that comes in contact with cantagious germs personal hygiene is of high relevance. Common disinfectants often cause irritations of the skin an eyes. Therefore, its repeated daily use represents a burden on the personal working in these sections. With ANOSAN® these issues are non existent as the disinfectant is not toxic and does not irritate human and animal tissue.