Public areas

Disinfection of surfaces

In public areas a lot of people touch the same spots and in result these areas can be hubs of disease spreads. These aras can be: kindergardens, schools, universities, hospitals and even also public transportation as the metro or busses. The ability of administrative bodies to disinfect these places without shutting down the whole operation are limited. Yet the risk that they carry in terms of epidemic spreads needs to be managed. ANOSAN® has the capital advantage that it does not harm the health of humans and therefore can be applied in areas in which a lot of people are residing at the same time. The population does not need to leave the public space for the disinfection process.

Disinfection of public and administrative water systems

In all kind of buildings the risk of contaminated water is prevalent, also including administrative and public buildings. Stagnation pipes are especially prone to the formation of biofilms. In these, bacteria as legionella can proliferate and then harm the health of all residents of the building. Biofilms represent an ongoing health risk for particularly all persons with a weakened imune system. Biofilms are hard to remove and common disinfectants as chlorinedioxide are not efficient against them. With ANOSAN Aqua® authorities are well equipped in the fight against biofouling. The disinfectant not only removes all germs as bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi from the water making it safe to drink immediately but also eradicates the biofilm in the pipes throughoutly.