Personal hygiene

Pathogens can survive for different periods of time on human skin as well as on any inanimate surface and be transported to another location by hand. Hand disinfection is a simple, but very effective way to reduce the spread of pathogens. If hand disinfection is not carried out or is carried out poorly, the pathogen can be spread over a large area. The aim of hygienic hand disinfection is to kill the pathogens on the hands. This cannot be achieved with water and soap alone. With products from the ANOSAN® brand people are able to disinfect their hands efficiently and without any risk to their own health. As the products are non-toxic and do not irrigate skin or mucosa, they are safe to use.

Surface disinfection of sanitation equipment

In your own home, in public sanitary rooms on the road, at work, in kindergarten or at school: after going to the toilet, germs can easily be carried over the smallest of traces remains. Pathogens can be passed on from the hands to flush buttons, fittings or door handles, for example, where they survive for some time, depending on the type of germ, the nature of the surface, the ambient temperature or humidity. In contact with contaminated objects, pathogens can reach other people’s hands and eventually their mouth and digestive tract via a smear infection, triggering infectious diseases. To prevent such spread ANOSAN® products can be safely used in any kind of setting to disinfect all surfaces and therefore make the environment safe for all users again.

Natural disasters and first-hand aid

Natural disasters as stroms, floodings and droughts always test governmental structures and social cohesion to an extreme. One major challenge during these disasters is to provide access to safe water for the affected people. While epidemic spreads of diseases as cholera are rather scarce the risks of contaminated water sources for the health and lifes of all humans in the hit region is highly prevalent. Often times immediate help is needed to supply the victims of the disaster with safe water in areas that are hard-to-access. With ANOSAN® governmental agencies, help organizations and NGOs do have an effective tool tp fulfill the instant need of drinking water. Little amounts are necessary to supply several hundreds of perople.