What is ANOSAN®?

ANOSAN® is a very potent disinfectant that can be applied in many different industries and applications. In comparison to other disinfectants it is not toxic and therefore does not harm humans or animals. It is an effective, microbiocidal active ingredient on an inorganic basis. No environmentally hazardous or toxic substances are produced either during production or application. ANOSAN® is a particularly strong oxidizing solution that kills microorganisms quickly and unspecifically without leaving any toxic substances behind. It is sustainable and has a shelf life of 24 months. The germ reduction is 99.995%.

Is ANOSAN® dangerous?

No, it is not. It does not represent any threat to neither humans and animals nor the environment. ANOSAN® is a human identical, biological solution that does not harm cells.

Why does ANOSAN® smell like chlorine?

The typical smell of chlorine is not chlorine itself, but the reaction (with substances such as microorganisms) in the water. If you notice a strong smell of “chlorine” around the swimming pool, that doesn’t indicate that it is particularly clean there – quite the contrary: Chemicals, often chlorine gas, which kills germs existing in the pool water are almost odorless in the water. Only in combination with another substance they get their typical odor: urea – what we call chlorine smell.

How is ANOSAN® manufactured?

The IMEALIT process, i.e. the process control in the high and neutral pH range, avoids the formation of elemental chlorine. ANOSAN® is made with food-safe substances: Drinking water and pure salt are activated by our specially made bioreactor. The result is a highly pure pH neutral sodium hypochlorite with a small amount of active chlorine.

How can ANOSAN® be applied?

ANOSAN® has a wide range of application forms. It can be sprayed on surfaces, nebulized in the air, poured into water or comes in the form of a gel for hand sanitation. The different products are optimized for the applications, so that costs effectiveness is guaranteed.

Can ANOSAN® be overdosed?

No, it cannot be overdosed. The solution is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and does no harm to human and animal health as well as to the environment.

Where can I buy the products and how?

We have teams in various African countries that you may contact directly over the “TEAM” category. They will get in touch with you to provide you with consultation about the application of ANOSAN® and quotes for buying quantities. Also, we are working on an online shop, so that purchasing the products can easily be done from wherever you reside.