Green areas and sports facilities


Green and/or blue-green algae, E. coli, coliform germs and clostridia are detectable in most ponds. The permanent application of this polluted water on greens, fairways and tees has damaging consequences for the grass biology and leads to unfavourable anaerobic conditions, which are supported by the low topsoil content, fertilization and constant humidity.

In addition, playing on the golf course during irrigation (depending on the microbial concentration) can affect the health of golfers with a fragile state of health by inhaling contaminated aerosols.

Soccer, football, field hockey, cricket and polo fields

Green areas subject to heavy wear and tear, such as football pitches, tend to form rotten spots, as the resistance of the lawn is weakened. In addition, the players distribute batteries and fungi on the green area. The players wear their shoes not only on the grass, but also in the cabin, so that pathogens and germs reach the playing area.

Tennis courts

The health of the grass on tennis courts is of great importance, as a change in the grass consistency to game irregularities. Therefore, the prevention of fungal infestations is very important in addition to the uniform grass seam. The nebulisation of ANOSAN Royal Green® on the court ensures a fair and safe course of play.