Hotels, restaurants and cafes

Room and surface disinfection & odor removal

When cleaning and disinfecting systems and surfaces with ANOSAN®, the focus is on shortening the cleaning time and saving resources. This leads to increased production time and cost savings.

At the same time, the current microbiological status should be maintained, if not even improved. The shortened cleaning time is achieved by omission of complete work steps during cleaning and disinfection. The use of ANOSAN® products saves up to 30% of working time and significantly reduces the consumption of cleaning water (hot water!) and cleaning chemicals!

With ecabiotec® products rooms can be nebulized, surfaces cleaned and disinfected, and odors removed from textiles or the air.

Sanitation and safe water supply

To decrease the risk of infections of guests, sanitation and good hygiene in bathrooms should be of importance to any host. The issue with most chemical disinfectants is that they can cause skin irritations for guests as well as staff and have distinct odors. Additionally, pipings of older buildings can carry legionella and unsafe water sources represent a risk for the health of guests. With the product range of ANOSAN® hosts are on the safe sife when it comes to safety and health of their clients.

Food preparation

The disinfection of foodstuffs is not possible due to the toxicity of the products used. On the one hand, this means that bacteria and fours on the surface of the food are not removed and consumed, on the other hand, it means that food becomes bad more quickly. With ANOFOOD®, disinfection can take place without the need to wash off the food and change its taste or consistency.

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