Water treatment and buildings

Industrial disinfection of processed water
When utilizing most disinfectants water processing plant operaters face a trade-off. On the one hand, they cannot increase the concentration of the disinfectants as they are toxic and in higher concentrations can harm the health of humans. On the other hand, a lower concentration is less effective and can result in a threat for human health as well. ANOSAN® does not have these restriction and cannot be overdosed, yet it its highly effective…

Drinking water disinfection in apartment buildings
Kindergartens, schools and universities
Hospitals and nursing homes
Sports halls, fitness studios, multi-purpose halls

Mould removal

Moulds grow at a humidity of more than 70% and contaminate the air with volatile metabolic products, spores and fungal threads (hyphae). Microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOC) are suspected of being the cause of massive health impairments. People living in mould-loaded apartments often complain of headaches, exhaustion, fatigue, lack of concentration, sleep disorders, coughing and irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory tract.

Livestock and poultry farming

Stable, hay and waterer disinfection.
Moulds grow at a humidity of more than 70% and contaminate the air with volatile metabolic products, By using ANOSAN Aqua® in the drinking water, all free-swimming bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi are immediately removed. In addition, the cause of the germs, the biofilm present in the water system, is degraded. In addition, ANOSAN eco® can…

Milking disinfection

Hotels, restaurants and cafes

Room and surface disinfection & odor removal
When cleaning and disinfecting systems and surfaces with ANOSAN®, the focus is on shortening the cleaning time and saving resources. This leads to increased production time and cost savings.

At the same time, the current microbiological status should be maintained, if not even improved. The shortened cleaning time is achieved by omission of complete work steps during cleaning and disinfection. The use of ANOSAN® products…

Sanitation and safe water supply
Food preparation

Food processing

Food disinfection
Many foods come into contact with water in the process of treatment and processing. Various forms of chlorine are used extensively as a disinfectant in wash, spray and flume waters in the raw fruit and vegetable industry. Chlorine wash is created by dousing water with chlorine gas (calcium hypochlorite). The use of chlorine gas in water is generally restricted to use in very large operations as it requires automated controlled injection systems with in line pH monitoring.…

Machine disinfection
Storage of food