Livestock and poultry farming

Stable, hay and waterer disinfection

By using ANOSAN Aqua® in the drinking water, all free-swimming bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi are immediately removed. In addition, the cause of the germs, the biofilm present in the water system, is degraded. In addition, ANOSAN eco® can be used to disinfect the barn occupied by the animals. Both measures, the disinfection of the drinking water as well as the fogging of the stable lead to a considerable reduction of the germ load for the animals. As a result, the animals become ill less frequently, so that up to 90% of the medication can be dispensed with in animal husbandry.

ANOSAN® is human identical and therefore harmless for humans and animals. ANOSAN® can or should be used in occupied stables!

Milking disinfection

The process of milking involves machinery that gets used at multiple animals over time. Udder diseases as Mastitis, Preudocowpoc and Ulcerativ Mammillitis are of particular concern in dairy and breeding herds. Swelling, lesions or sores on the teats are all signs of udder diseases. Common disinfectants often irrigate the udders of the cows and lead to less output.

ANOSAN® does not cause irrigation and can be applied without any concern for the obtained milk.


Thrush is a bacterial disease of the hoof in ungulates, especially horses. The soft frog horn of the hoof is decomposed by putrefactive bacteria. The main causes are poor posture and lack of hoof care. Apart from a mechanical treatment of the hoof, the affected area needs to be disinfected to ensure sustainable recovery. ANOSAN® products enable the care taker to disinfect the area without any irritation of the animal.

Examples of livestock

The application of ANOSAN® improves the health and yield for a variety of livestock including:

  • Pigs
  • Cows
  • Cattle
  • Poultry
  • Horses
  • and further species

Advantages that come with the use of
ANOSAN® are:

  • Better weight gain in all cycles of growing
  • Reduced burden/frequency of infectious diseases
  • Reduced use of drugs
  • Lower mortality rate
  • More lively behaviour of the animals

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