Mould removal

Moulds grow at a humidity of more than 70% and contaminate the air with volatile metabolic products, spores and fungal threads (hyphae). Microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOC) are suspected of being the cause of massive health impairments. People living in mould-loaded apartments often complain of headaches, exhaustion, fatigue, lack of concentration, sleep disorders, coughing and irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory tract.

Spores and hyphae of moulds can cause allergies and toxic reactions. Particularly at risk are people who are weakened by illnesses (e.g. diabetes, respiratory and lung diseases) or who are permanently exposed to moulds. A distinction is made between allergic reactions, mycoses (infections) and mycotoxicoses (poisoning). Mould infestation severely restricts the quality of living and work and reduces the value of the building. By fogging ANOSAN eco® you counteract the spread of spores and fungal hyphae and effectively reduce the MVOC and the allergenic potential of indoor air. The quality of living space and workplaces is significantly improved.

Odor neutralization

Intense and nasty smells affect our well-being and we try to avoid such places. A non-smoker will not buy a used car that smells of tobacco smoke and a buyer will not buy an apartment that still smells or smells of fire. In the fresh air we feel comfortable, it influences positively our well-being and a purchase decision.

Air hygiene is important wherever we are, especially indoors. ANOSAN eco® destroys odor molecules through oxidation and quickly and effectively eliminates odors of all kinds. The air quality is significantly improved. No matter whether the cause of the bad odor is tobacco smoke, fire blight, vomit, excrement and urine, decay, waste, animal houses and stables, sweat, oil/petrol etc., ANOSAN eco® removes even the most stubborn odors. If the odour molecules have penetrated into materials and substances from which they are slowly released again, the fogging of ANOSAN eco® must be repeated until the odour has completely evaporated from the materials.