German Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) approves of ANOSAN as a desinfectant against Covid-19

The German Robert-Koch Institute has published a declaration regarding those disinfectants that act virucid and act against Covid-19. The statement reads as follows:

For disinfection, agents with proven efficacy, with the area of action "limited virucidal" (effective against enveloped viruses) are to be used. Agents with an extended range of action against viruses such as "limited virucidal PLUS" or "virucidal" can also be used. Suitable agents include the list of disinfectants and disinfection methods tested and approved by the RKI (RKI list) and the disinfectant list of the Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH list);

ANOSAN® is listed in the VAH list and therefore recommended in the fight against Covid-19.