ANOSAN Natürlich Rein®

ANOSAN Natürlich Rein®
Disinfection of Surfaces

ANOSAN Natürlich Rein® is a ready-to-use solution for disinfecting surfaces.

  • eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and spores
  • prevents proliferation of staphylococcus and tuberculosis strains
  • eliminates strong unpleasant odors
  • spray and wipe, no rinsing required
  • no alcohol, aldehydes or fragrances

ANOSAN Natürlich Rein® is a purely mineral, highly effective disinfectant for disinfecting surfaces of all kinds. It is 100% biodegradable and eye and mucous membrane compatible. Ideal for use in hotels, sports facilities, public areas, kindergartens and any type of large-area disinfection.

Application & Dosage

Ready-to-use solution for the disinfecting cleaning of surfaces using the spray-wipe method, e.g. machines, assembly lines, work surfaces, floors, tanks and much more.

Coat surfaces and objects evenly and completely – (up to 50ml / m²), wipe with disposable cloth if necessary and allow to dry. No rinsing afterwards. The solution is water-dilutable depending on the application. The product evaporates without any residue.