ANOSAN Sanitizer®

ANOSAN Sanitizer®
All Purpose Disinfectant

ANOSAN Sanitizer® is the all-in-one solution for hygienic purposes.

  • acts reliably and removes 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • safe for eyes and skin
  • no alcohol, aldehydes, dyes, and fragrances
  • efficient against SARS-CoV-2, cholera, hepatitis A-E, thyphoid and more
  • no water needed

Application & Dosage


  • Before cooking & handling food
  • After going to the toilet
  • After changing nappies


  • Before using the toilet
  • Spray on toilet seats, dishes, tables & all kind of sufaces
  • Wipe dry if necessary


  • Before preparing & storing of foodstuffs
  • No rinsing or water necessary


  • Before consuming drinking water
  • Spray twice to disinfect a whole water container (10l)