Retail Human & Pet

Personal hygiene, safe water and odor removal

With its products of the SOLVID® brand, ecabiotec® Africa offers the consumers a variety of solutions for different applications. Spanning from hand disinfection sprays and gels, over water disinfectant for safe water on travels, to odor removal of sports equipment. SOLVID® stands for purity and sustainability. The unique mode of action of our products makes it possible to completely dispense with harmful substances such as alcohol, solvents or aldehydes. It removes 99.99% of all human phatogens, even though it consists only of water and salt. SOLVID® does not require irritating substances and is skin, eye and mucous membrane compatible. The product does not cause a burning sensation in the eyes or wounds, but disinfects without restriction.

Wound treatment and pet care

Whether rodents, dogs, cats or horses - we love our animals. anoxil® is free of any irritating substances and thus not only protects the health of our pets but also nature. Neither enveloped or not viruses, bacteria nor Legionella in drinking water - with our product series you and your animals are protected at home, in enclosures or stables. The mode of action promises a sustainable elimination of microbial contamination. During the production of anoxil® no animal or human suffering is inflicted. anoxil® consists of water and salt, so the product is purely mineral and leaves no environmentally harmful by-products.