Disinfection of Drinking Water

ANOSAN TW® is a ready to use solution for disinfecting drinking water systems. It eliminates microbiological pollution and contamination such as legionella bacteria, pseudomonas, and many more with long-term effect by degradation of the biofilm inside drinking water systems.

ANOSAN TW® offers a safe, instant microbiocide and fungicide in any pipes and any temperature of water. It can be used without interruptions of water usage or special precautions, is pH neutral and does not cause precipitation of lime. Our solution can enter water systems safely with no additional safety measures, while also being effective against hormone & antibiotic residues.

Water disinfection in pipes of various buildings, health facilities, and family homes all benefit from ANOSAN TW®’s effective removal of biofilm with no evacuation or special precautions and providing water safe enough to drink.

Legionella infection of pipes can also be countered with ANOSAN TW® and with no structural changes or evacuation necessary while maintaining healthy pipes.

ANOSAN TW® is non-toxic and can be used with the presence of aquatic life, enhancing the marine environment and removing pathogens, toxic algae, and viruses that often end up reaching publicly used water areas, such as beaches through treated sewage water or shipping vessels.

The Hygiene Station & ANOSAN TW is all you need to get started - It’s simple, fast, safe and sustainable.

  • Kills 99.995% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores
  • Removes biofilms
  • No interruption of the running systems
  • Non-toxic disinfectant & deodorizer
  • Free of alcohol, aldehydes, dyes & scents, non-staining
  • Hypoallergenic & non-irritant
  • pH neutral
  • Cost & time effective with immediate disinfection

Application & Dosage

Ready-to-use solution „for microbiological rehabilitation“ of drinking water systems. Over a period of approx. 12 weeks, ANOSAN TW® will be inhibited depending on the volume flow in a concentration of 0.1% to 0.3% downstream of the house entry into the cold water line. The ANOSAN TW® Hygienic Station consists of a dosing system and reservoir tank. The installation is done within a few hours. The degradation of the organic biofilm can be controlled by measuring the redox value. 

ANOSAN TW® does not increase corrosion of material.


For the first three applications, 0.3% ANOSAN TW® (concentrate) should be put directly into the water (i.e. 300ml into 1.000ml water) for cleaning and degradation of the biofilm (biofouling). Afterwards, from the fourth application on, the concentration is reduced to 0.1%. 

Available Sizes