Water treatment and buildings

Industrial disinfection of processed water

When utilizing most disinfectants water processing plant operaters face a trade-off. On the one hand, they cannot increase the concentration of the disinfectants as they are toxic and in higher concentrations can harm the health of humans. On the other hand, a lower concentration is less effective and can result in a threat for human health as well. ANOSAN® does not have these restriction and cannot be overdosed, yet it its highly effective.

Drinking water disinfection in apartment buildings

According to a study by techem, the risk of Legionella infestation is closely related to the size of the building. The more apartments a building has, the higher the probability that the water pipes will be affected by Legionella. According to this study, every tenth house in a building larger than ten apartments is affected by Legionella. ecabiotec® West Africa can free your pipes from Legionella without major conversion measures and downtimes – and we guarantee that! Otherwise we will reimburse you all costs.

Drinking water disinfection in kindergartens, schools and universities

Babies, toddlers, children and adolescents are in development and have a not yet mature immune system. They are therefore particularly sensitive to Legionella infections and can quickly develop the disease. Especially in kindergartens, schools and universities germs, viruses and bacteria develop and spread very quickly. With the use of ANOSAN Aqua®, drinking water can be purified immediately and effectively.

Drinking water disinfection in hospitals and nursing homes

Hospitals and clinics serve the recovery of their patients. Patients are often ill and weakened and therefore particularly at risk in the case of Legionella infestation. Furthermore, hospitals and clinics are also subject to the special requirements of hygiene and disinfection in the sense of the Drinking Water Ordinance. This requires the use of the best tolerated solution to keep drinking and tap water clean and sterile.

Older people are often subject to a weakening of their physical condition. They should therefore not come into contact with Legionella. The use of ANOSAN Aqua® for the immediate, pH neutral disinfection and removal of Legionella in drinking and tap water has proven to be particularly effective in senior citizens’ homes or nursing homes.

Drinking water disinfection in sports halls, fitness studios, multi-purpose halls

Sports halls, fitness studios or multi-purpose halls, for example, are exposed to strong strains of the room and floor climate due to the sporting activities taking place there. This also applies in particular to the showers available here. Due to its high compatibility and effectiveness, ANOSAN Aqua® is the ideal cleaning and disinfecting agent to protect against Legionella.

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