Wound disinfection

In an intial step of wound treatment, after removing particles from the wound, disinfection of the affected area is very important. Open wounds will not heal if bacteria of viruses are still present. Rather they represent a threat to the health of the animal and can become inflamed slowing the healing process further. Fur ofen times carries germs and therefore also needs to be disinfected around the wounded area. With anoxil® wounds can be gently treated and disinfected. The products do not cause irritations to the skin or mucosa and do not sting the animal. Animal care takers will love these products as they are effective and gentle at the same time.

Covering of wound areas and skin injuries

In a second step of wound treatment, the prevention of new infections is needed. For this the anoxil® wound gel can be used. It is a ready-to-use gel-based application for long-lasting disinfection and prevention of new infections. Thanks to its excellent adhesive properties, anoxil® wound gel retains its effectiveness over a long period of time. The affected area is closed, healing is actively supported and the renewed penetration of microbial contamination is effectively prevented. Treatment with anoxil® wound gel is absolutely painless, occurs without side effects and fulfils the anti-doping guidelines of the FEI. Healing is accelerated, itching is reduced and new or secondary infections are prevented.