About ecabiotec® Africa and the disinfectant ANOSAN®

ecabiotec® Africa is your reliable partner in the fight against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. With its wide product range that spans a diverse magnitude of industries and application areas, we most certainly have the disinfectant or hygiene solution you are searching for. As we are using German technology and apply the high standards of production from the origin site, we feel confident in the qualitiy of our products. The company is spread out all over the African continent, so that you have a partner to talk to closeby. Feel free to browse through our teams to find the appropriate contact. We are adaptive to your needs and looking forward to get in touch for cooperative business opportunities.

Our products ANOSAN®, SOLVID® and ANOVET® are highly efficient disinfectants that not only are non-toxic for humans and animals but also do no harm to the environment. They kill 99.995% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Also, they are free of alcohol, aldehydes, dyes & scents, non-staining , hypoallergenic, non-irritant and pH neutral. The different brands are adapted to the needs of our different clients coming from B2B sectors as water purification, food disinfection, HORECA and livestock farming, as well as B2C applications for human sanitation and odor removal and for pets wound treatment and disinfection of stables/barns.









Tailored solutions


ANOSAN TW® for drinking water disinfection. It is a ready-to-use solution for injection into drinking water systems behind the house entrance of buildings in order to disinfect them immediately and to remove the cause, "the biofilm", sustainably. It can also be applied for water disinfection in treatment plants.


Ready-to-use solution for industrial surface disinfection. The solution can also be diluted depending on the application. For the disinfecting cleaning of surfaces using the spray-wipe method, e.g. machines, assembly lines, work surfaces, floors, tanks and much more.


KathoClean® Plus thoroughly removes dirt and grease from surfaces in kitchens, restaurants and industrial areas. Stainless steel surfaces shine like new - without great effort. Also ideal for machines, production plants and tools.


The use of our ANOFOOD® products opens up new possibilities in the field of germ reduction in food processing. Tests in practice have shown significantly that the use of ANOFOOD® results in relevant quality improvements.



Industrial sites

In industries in which disinfection of means of production as machinery, conveyor belts and tanks is neceassary, the process of disinfection will interrupt the running operations. As most disinfectants are toxic and need to be rinsed this not only costs water but also and mor important time. With ANOSAN® the step of rinsing is not needed and the downtime is reduced.


The need for sanitation is relevant in a diverse set of situations. Spanning from personal hygiene like hand disinfection, over surface disinfection in public areas or hospitals, to disaster relief in form of water disinfection. In all these situations ecabiotec® Africa has the products that satisfies the needs of the people and businesses.